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Recent Wedding, Pub, & Event Singing Performances

To simply list out all of my performances over the years would be quite boring for you so, to keep it interesting, I restrict it to a few with the selection being representative of the type of work that I have done at weddings, events, bars etc.  Where available a picture is included.  If you would like to see related videos, these can be found via My Video page.

Type of Performance
Fabrika's (Klapsons Hotel)
Performed weekly for 6 months, with Alfred on guitar accompaniment
Regular contract
Rebecca at live 987FM

Radio 987FM

The Rozz Home Show, Sundays 5~6pm; I was invited to the studio by Rozz to perform 2 of my own compositions live over the air.
Solo One Off
Rebecca performing for Noise Sinagapore

Jurong Regional Library

Noise Singapore, sponsored by The National Arts Council, invited me to perform a selection of my Original songs.  This was very similar to the show at The Esplanade earlier in the year which again showcased my original songs.
Solo One Off
Rebecca and Ian at CM-PB

CM-PB at Dempsey

Restaurant/Bar National Day celebration
One Off

Conrad Hotel

Wedding dinner function 
Solo Wedding Performance
Bec and Ross Show at Esplanade

The Esplanade Concourse

"The Bec & Ross Show" performed for 2 nights.
Bec and Ross Show at Esplanade

The Esplanade Concourse

"The Bec & Ross Show" Christmas celebration.
Bec and Ross Show at The Waterfront

The Waterfront @ The Esplanade

"The Bec & Ross Show" 
performance at product launch

Robertson walk

"The Bec & Ross Show"
Private event
Bec and Ross Show at Fish n Co

Fish & Co

"The Bec & Ross Show" .  Performed 5 nights per week for 6 months.
Regular show
Rebecca playing Grand Piano

The Esplanade Concourse

"The Bec & Ross Show"
One off
Bec and Ross Show at American School Peace Concert

Singapore American School, Peace Concert

"The Bec & Ross Show"
One off

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